How good is your aim?

Aim:  (verb) The intention of achieving.

Intent:  (adjective)  resolved or determined to do (something).  Showing earnest or eager attention.

Welcome Seekers, Creatives, Leaders, Followers, Misfits, Loners, Radicals, Imposters, Outcasts, Non-Conformists, and YOU!

If you feel like you have trouble fitting in, you have come to the right place!  Whether you are a budding artist trying to define your identity, an emergent adult with unconventional longings, a childless adult swimming in circles where the focus is on parenting, a musician struggling with getting enough work, or any other scenario where you may feel like you are walking a path alone, I am here to assure you that you are NOT alone!  

My name is Debora Collins, and I am a Limited Licensed Psychologist in the State of Michigan.

I specialize in working with adolescents and adults who feel like they are misfits in a world of otherwise “normal” people.  I work with people who work and live in lives where their careers and ambitions are often seen and judged by others in a negative or less than supportive way.

My aim is to help you identify your strengths and overcome challenges by intentionally directing your experiences to provide you with a life you are proud of.

Who I am:

I am an inquisitive and engaged person who focuses on helping others live the life that they deserve–one rich with meaning, creativity, and contentment.  I am passionate about helping individuals and couples find the one thing that can immediately put them on the path to success…

I came to the practice of psychotherapy later in life, after a successful and rewarding career in the music industry as a video production professional.  I have learned many skills which aid in my ability to connect with others quickly, and in a reassuring manner.  Having an arts background helps me comfortably blend the tools available to me when I work with diverse clients in diverse situations.

“Success is a journey, not a destination.  The doing is often more important than the outcome.” ~Arthur Ashe

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