Hitting the reset button

It’s time to do a whole-life makeover, and this is part of my process. I have a lot yet to work out, but the outline is taking shape.

My life blew up. I don’t think I really expected it to all go down the way it did, but it went down. I have struggled to understand how I got here, and my reasonable brain gets it. A series of events happened that were not seemingly related, but they all seemed to occur in a relatively short span of time.

The fallout from that means I have few ties and the ability to reset almost every area of my life simultaneously. Well, I’m not expecting this to be easy, I’m definitely aware that much of it will evolve slowly, while other things may occur quickly, and open to whatever speed they need to occur to complete themselves and help me transform my life in ways that fill me with pleasure and connection, depth and meaning, and contentment.

And while it may not be easy, I am determined to have fun in the process. This could get interesting–let’s hope so!

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