Making–with Intention

Though I wouldn’t have considered myself a maker for the bulk of my life, I have found through introspection and discovery that indeed, I am a maker! I guess there was that part of myself that had definitions for certain types of words that always seemed to have a tangible quality to them that I didn’t possess.

Makers create. Once upon a time, in mind, that attribution was to tactile products. Never mind that nearly every night for many, many years, I was delivering a live video accompaniment to a giant production in huge venues, to thousands of people! And yet, I could not consider myself a maker. Strange, upon reflection. Maybe, also, because I wasn’t always credited with the overall planning for the show I was to deliver, maybe I felt compelled to downgrade what my product could be titled, or maybe I felt too awkward trying to categorize it for others that I took some of that power away for myself.

I definitely had to work to rearrange my thinking on this principle. Indeed, it poured over into any and all creative pursuits I was interested. My nasty habit of “othering” myself or my accomplishments. I know it might not make sense to you, but I had to learn about his bad habit I had created for myself, and it really hurt to find out that all along I was robbing myself of some much-needed self esteem.

It was this way, also, with music, writing, crafting, and sometimes I could find ways to deny that my baking for cooking was making…the psyche can do really weird things when let run amok!

So then, this…

I decided somewhere in the not too distant past to start crediting myself properly, even when it felt odd or off. I am a musician! I am an artist! I am a writer! I am a maker.

So, to tie it in to the overarching theme of Intentional Living, I set up a sort of pledge for myself. Some high ideal that lives in my genetics, which guides me gently each day toward intrinsic goals. Goals that have nothing to do with showing off, performing, or gratuity. Just the sheer pleasure of making.

I have decided to build the remainder of my life around this concept, it is so big of a deal for me. After a whole lot of self-exploration and truth-telling, I realized that there are many other things that I placed above that in the past, and it left me feeling an emptiness that is not worth the fulfillment of following this inner guidance could bring.

I gave away my power for many years, and it left me hollow. Now I know I need to create, to make, often and regularly. Thankfully, I have developed a slow and steady understanding of making progress toward any pursuit, and how speaking my truth enables me to stay focused for the long haul.

Why not join me in designing a life where making matters? What you make is not the most important aspect. It’s knowing that you do make, and that if you set your intentions toward growing your fulfillment through this pursuit, you stand the chance of looking back on your life and finding you have deeply satisfied a longing and that you are content!

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