Defining Creativity

Too many people will deny that they are creative individuals. I remember when I didn’t feel that I was especially creative, and I am so glad that I have a different relationship to this word now.

Creativity is not synonymous with being an artist. Creativity does not imply certain aspects of life and not others. It does not mean that you are not creative if you do not make art, music, are good at decorating, or any other aesthetically based ideas.

Nope, it’s really so much more basic than that! Creativity is part of every humans’ basic framework! That’s right–just by being alive we are creative! We create our own life every day. If we start there, it is easy to implement where we are more or less creative in our daily existence.

Do you have to make many decisions a day, from what to make for dinner to where to take the kids for an outing? Then you are flexing your creativity muscle. I know it may sound trite, but it’s an important distinction to understand. Just believing in your creative capacity or potential can have effects that spawn from that basic understanding.

Once you can acknowledge that you indeed are a creative individual, you stop barricading yourself from entering into foreign territory, and you begin to believe you can expand outward, into being creative. A word with a connotation that knows no boundaries and is limitless.

Defining and re-defining words common to you can open new vistas for you. This can happen because it asks us to reframe our relationship to ideas, to beliefs, and even to ourselves! Once we adopt a curiosity toward the way we think, we are more free to daydream and to roam uncharted territories.

The aim is to create heartily, while the intention is to have faith in that ability.

Go forth and Make!

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