What is Aim and Intent About?

Aim and Intent is dedicated to a concept for living the best life available to you at the point you are at right now. It aims to focus your intentions so that for the remainder of your life, you easily live in accordance with your higher ideals. To compel you to envision enjoying your mind and body equally as you age, meeting aging with grace and gratitude. With the promise to self of enjoying life more than demanding adherence to appearances or superficialities.

Mascot or icon representing Aim and Intent
The Archer represents taking Aim with the Intent to shoot at and hit a target.

At the moment, Aim and Intent is mostly a project for myself. I aim to broaden my reach as my ideas become more cohesive. My intent is to share what I have learned about living outside of the norm, aiming for a more purposeful life, but also resisting the urge to succumb to inertia or boredom, the rigors of modern life.

Aim and Intent is a travel guide, inspirational voice, and motivational coach. We want to inspire you to fulfill some of your Earthly longings, without suffering (at least too much) the desire to blend in, to take the easy way, to rely on ingrained patterns and habits, or to conform needlessly to uncomfortable norms.