Covid-19 Relief

These are challenging times that we are each learning to navigate with no guidebook to follow.  For many, the workload is increasing, and the pressures of staying safe and sane at the same time are getting too heavy to bear.  For others, the loss of work is leading to extreme anxiety, depression, or panic.  Many are wondering about the meaning of life, and the outcomes for all of mankind.  These are huge questions that leave us feeling desolate, discouraged, unmotivated, afraid, angry, or even confused.  And still for others, the reality of living with the partner we have slowly become disconnected from due to the business of modern life is not as peaceful or rewarding as we’d hoped, and is beginning to put strain and discord where there had been easier times.  

Talking about the arising issues due to isolation, working from home, home schooling children, caring for the sick, working in a hospital, being an out-of-work restaurant worker, a musician or roadie whose career has just stalled can give you a reassuring sense of peace and calm in a turbulent time.

I can offer unusual time slots for medical workers who are unable to meet during “regular business hours.” 

Sessions can be of shorter duration–35 mins– for those who do not have enough time to complete the more common therapy hour.  Sessions can be deeply discounted during this time for anyone who is out of work or experience extenuating circumstances.

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