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What it is and what it isn’t


Psychotherapy is the act of exploring ideas and patterns through talk, interviewing, storytelling, testing, and even creative expression.  This therapeutic act takes place between an individual or couple and the therapist.

There are a lot of different words that are often used interchangeably, though there can be subtle differences in approach or depth.  Psychotherapy, therapy, and counseling are perhaps the three terms most often used, with counseling being the most searched term on the internet when looking for treatment for a mental illness, diagnosed or undiagnosed.

For as many terms as might be available for the concept of talk therapy, there are more misconceptions and misgivings about going for treatment.  Stigma is still prevalent, though it is becoming less so over time.  

As a Master Level, or Limited License Psychologist, we are able to work together to find a diagnosis that fits the symptoms you may be having, though a diagnosis is not necessary to work together to deal with whatever problems you are experiencing. 

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